Freelance VS Corporate employement

    Why I want to work in a startup?
  • It's intense and there's a variety of tasks to do
  • Flat hierarchy and responsibility
  • Planning and executing sustainable strategies
  • Sense of purpose
  • Equity feels like ownership and that'is motivative
  • Being part of a like-minded team kills programming solitude
  • Innovation may imporve lives

    Why I usually work as a contractor?
  • To only undertake projects I like
  • Working when I feel creative and not stick with a permanent set of working hours
  • Each project brings new technology challenges
  • You learn faster because every project is different

    Why I DON'T like corporate companies?
  • Safety is a false feeling. You're never 'safe', instead you need to be capable and more adaptive
  • Formalities and bureaucracy kill creativity
  • Changes are hard in such places
  • Too much hierarchy, it's hard to be listened
  • Kingdom of gossip and idle individuals
  • Remote working usually isn't an option
  • Time spend in transportation
  • They spend a ton of money in useless things
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